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Tips For Building Your Buyers List

Tips For Building Your Buyers List

In the last article we discussed the importance of having a large quality buyers list:

  • You’ll sell more properties
  • You’ll sell them faster
  • You’ll sell them at higher prices
  • You’ll be able to make money in other ways with the same list

Here are some tips to growing your list:

The first thing you need is an automated method for building and communicating with your list – in other words a website that is tied to an auto-responder like aWeber. The website should be a simple opt-in page which allows visitors to subscribe to your list and have profitable deals emailed directly to them by simply opting in to the site.

The auto-responder houses and manages the list. Automatic follow-up messages that you have loaded will be automatically sent. Use the “broadcast” feature to advertise deals to your entire list with personalized messages.

Even with 30,000 buyers on your list, you’ll manage the list and send emails out in minutes because the auto-responder does most of the work. It’s the best employee you’ll ever have.

With technology in place, the next step is to start marketing. Begin with a local list as they are your best buyers and later you can use the internet to build a national list.

Begin with your local Real Estate Investors Association (REIA). Speak with the leader of the group to uncover all of the ways you can communicate your message. Remember, all you’re asking prospects to do at this time is visit your website to have awesome profitable deals emailed directly to them.

Here are some marketing ideas to the group:

  • Pass out flyers at their meetings
  • Set up a vendor table at the meeting and collect business cards
  • Advertise in their newsletter
  • Mail out to their entire list (for a fee)
  • Place a banner ad on their website
  • Do a presentation to the group
  • Obviously…just plain network at all of the meetings

Cash buyers in your area are strong contenders for your future deals. It’s a good bet that cash buyers of properties are looking for other profitable deals – and they have the resources to close! These are definitely the types of buyers you want on your list. Although you may be able to go to the courthouse yourself and comb through the records to find cash buyers, the easiest method is to buy a cash buyers list and regularly send post cards to them driving them to your website.

If you don’t mind spending a little time of your own, go to the property auctions (foreclosure auctions and those put on by auction houses) and pass out your marketing to all of the buyers. These are “real” buyers in your area.

Call all of the “We Buy Houses” ads in your area. You’ll find many fellow investors looking for great deals.

As you build your list, co-market with other wholesalers who have investor buyer lists. Have them send out your marketing to their list in exchange for you sending their marketing to your list.

As your buyers list grows, you’ll discover how valuable that list is to your revenue stream and you will never want to stop growing it!

Do you have some other ideas for growing the list? If so, share your knowledge below and help others. It’s great karma.

Expect Abundance,

Adonis Investment Group


Ryan Hillestad

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